Dag 3 tentoonstelling

za 03.07 / 12:00 – 20:00

● tentoonstelling

Locatie: Campus Bijloke


Langs een parcours doorheen de Bijlokecampus ontdek je het werk van de studenten fotografie, grafisch ontwerp, autonome vormgeving, vrije kunsten, textielontwerp, mode, instrumentenbouw, interieurvormgeving, landschaps- en tuinarchitectuur, landschapsontwikkeling, digital design en development, curatorial studies, digital storytelling en de educatieve masters. Beeldende kunst en vormgeving tot een tentoonstelling gekneed door Simon Delobel, Siegrid Demyttenaere en Mathias Prenen.

in KIOSK, In Search of Research in de Zwarte Zaal en Garden Happenings in de tuinen bieden verrassende perspectieven op het werk.

Tijdens het weekend kan je ook naar Publiek Park in het Citadelpark en Zomersalon in Kunsthal Gent.


Campus Bijloke – Louis Pasteurlaan 2, 9000 Gent

Tentoonstelling: 01.07 – 04.07

Openingsuren: 12:00 – 20:00


12:30 – Arno Huygens

[Some] books are not yet on the shelves
Animatiefilm atelier 4, GBCLO.1.012
Duur: ongeveer 1 uur
Max. 4 toeschouwers
Reservatie ter plaatse

13:00 – Hamza Abuayyash


15:00 – Arne Nuyts

Live instagram set

17:00 – Hamza Abuayyash


18:00 – Joan Somers Donelly

You and Me, Here and Now

Kruidentuin naast glazen gang
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I don’t want to make things on my own anymore. So I started asking people, do you want to make something with me? This is what happened.

You and Me, Here and Now is a lecture performance about loneliness, lying (down), and leaving space. There are also some stories about strangers, swimming pools, and settling down. It would be good if you were there because I’m not sure how it ends. No pressure or anything.

Other dates: 2.07 – 18:00 / 3.07 18:00


The Center of Negativity/Roger Fähndrich

nr. 4 on map
Ongoing participatory project: roger-f.com/smellslikedarkness.html

Neoza Goffin

Verspreid over de campus

Beeld: Céline Jar, master vrije kunsten


I will show you fear in a handful of dust. (don’t ) PAY ATTENTION to me! Welcome to my vision. Your feelings and ideas are valuable. I made it, can you? You’ll become what you hate. An i for an i. I want you to see. I… I mean…otherwise you wouldn’t have believed me… You can help me to let go by tearing it off.

ipod, ipad, i paid, i poo’d. i ja i ja i ja i ja i ja i. Artists curating the curators curating the artists. You need sleep. From the makers of 15min juries, we present you, single sentenced invitations. I know you want me (want me), you know i want ya (want ya) you know you want meeeee. You know i want ya. Dale. Join me in my dreams, my trip to fantasy. Et merci d’être venus.

Something so out of line. Fresh out of bail, fresh out of jail, artist dreaming’. Soon as I step on the scene, i’m hearing. You with the hoochies screaming. Are you there yet? Did you find me? I want You to stop and stare. I let you in, I bounce you off. Et je me suis tu. You can enter what I left. Did I invite you? This is not a moment, this is a constant situation.

My ethnicity doesn’t define my capability. You better get going. Enter this place or get trapped in limbo forever!!! I made all of this for you. It’s like life, you get funny with the tragic…

Do you want to make something with me? I got 2’000 balloons and you ain’t one! As you ponder existentialism, I will sit by your side. Come and see! I show my ideality. You reflect. You hire me after this. I Work for you after this. You should not get credits for sentence which I wrote. I will write, you will take a credits? I don’t like this tone.

Welcome to my point of you. I don t care about why you made that. I only care about you caring why I have made this. Do you see what I see? Feel! Know! Want! Experience! You are the loser I always wanted to become xxx. Use me. A child with the name of peace is missing in our world!

ma ale peekn. wasdeesnaa. I want to show you. Please have a seat and improvise. Please look at my art. I am begging You. Draw a line/ teken een lijn. No blues without you. I WISH YOU TO STAY CURIOUS. We’re all in this together. Would you still love me the same? I haven’t slept in three weeks to be able to show you this, please come see.

No greater sorrow than the memory of happiness in times of misery, bisous xx.

The Graduates