Roger Fähndrich, Smells Like Darkness

master beeldende kunsten
autonome vormgeving
Mentoren / Mentors:
Adva Zakai
Judith Wambacq

Usually I blame my feeling bad as an artist on Capitalism and write angry songs about it. But this is not the place to advertise my music. This time I want to do something else than to transform negative emotions into lyrics which I then scream at an audience. Because the darkness does not only belong to me. So, I would like to create a dialogue. Not so much in the way it is being done in therapy, but differently.

I dedicated my Master project to develop and suggest a few protocols that can be practiced within artistic contexts: in art schools, art scenes, art festivals. Being an artist can feel freeing and joyous, but also produces stabbing sparks of jealousy, numbing disappointment and delusions rooted in promises no one ever really made.

I invite you for a talk about feelings. Depending on the protocol you chose, you might obtain a diploma in Master Of Arts In Depression, become the story teller of your own fears and frustrations or simply vomit your cynicism into an invisible bucket, sitting on a carpet. All this will be done by you and me listening and caring for each other.

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