I left the fields, alight

zo 27.06 / 15:00 – 16:30

● dramafestival

Locatie: Minard Schouwburg

Tickets: Gratis. Indien de capaciteit van de zaal nog zou veranderen door coronamaatregelen, krijg je hiervan nog een bericht. RESERVEER

Memories aren’t high fidelity recordings that we store away. They’re more like live performances, created with input from different parts of the brain in the present moment.

In ‘I left the fields, alight’ Yannick plunges into his memories, reminiscing through fragments past, of nightly journeys, dead mothers and long lost love. An exploration of a sense of self, through past and future experiences.

How can we tell our story and who is allowed to do so?

This performance is a live-cinema project, where images and music are being constructed and deconstructed on the spot; an ongoing research in opera and visual theatre. A performance as a monologue in solitude, performed by multiple bodies onstage.

  • Director, Co-writer and Designer: Yannick Verweij
  • Performed by: Adele Raes (actrice) en Noriko Yakushiji (soprano)
  • Writer: Stefan Aleksić
  • Composer: Sebastiaan Bax
  • Set- and Costume Designer: Britt Benschop
  • Video Designer: Joske Commandeur
  • Mentoring: Thomas Bellinck, Sébastien Hendrickx, Studio Figur


Many thanks to: Theaterbox, Bardia Mohammad, Simon de Winne, master students KASK Drama, , Frederik LeRoy, Heleen van den Reek, Jordgubb Design, Idania Spruyt, Ton Verweij, Tinnenpot, Spectra Ensemble, International Opera Academy