The East Complex

za 24.06 25.06 / 20:00 – 21:30

● dramafestival

Locatie: Minard, Romain De Coninckplein 2, Gent

Tickets: Gratis, mits reservatie


masterproef van Stefan Aleksić

The East Complex is a three-act dramatic work consisting of an opera within a drama. The project is set up as a master project of Riles Walsh, MA Composition Royal Conservatory Ghent, and Stefan Aleksić, studying MA Drama at KASK Ghent. They are joined by scenographer & theatremaker Yannick Verweij and an international and diverse group of artists, students from various conservatoires and art schools, as well as young professionals.

Having escaped destitution in her hometown in the East, Agnieszka Petrowska, referred to as AP00275S, now struggles in her work as a cleaning woman for a complex of buildings in her newly adoptive country. In moments between endless loops of cleaning, talking to her psychiatrist, taking medication, being overworked, she imagines herself as a powerful god-like being in search of a perfect physical manifestation of the Western ideal.


Artistic Team:

Composer, Sound Designer, Libretto Adaptor: Riles Walsh
Librettist & Dramaturge: Stefan Aleksić
Stage Director & Scenographer: Yannick Verweij
Conductor: Ronan Whittern
Film Director: Liv de Coninck
Associate Video Designer: Joske Commandeur
Costume Designer: Leonidas Kanavetsados
Production/Stage Manager: Gijs de Jonge
Poster Image: Yannick Verweij

Cast: Emma Nelson, Leonor Biu, Moa Karlsson, Katherine Koeste, Noriko Yakushiji, Alberto Martínez, Anne-Laure Dollie, Florencia Molinero, Vahe Harutyunyan

Instrumentalists: Yan Rui, Ostap Bachynskyy, Jose Usma, Daniel Aztatzi, Louis De Backere, Wouter Willems

Mentors: Thomas Bellinck en Sébastien Hendrickx

Special Thanks: Opera Ballet Vlaanderen, Wim Van Brussel, Peter Roosendans, Lise Thomas, Frederik Le Roy, Bardia Mohammad, Valerie Desmet, Isabel Pronk