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● dramafestival

Locatie: Kazematten, Kazemattenstraat 17, Gent

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masterproef van Tibau Beirnaert

I am a romantic addict

In telling a story or doing an action

I always exaggerate

Or dramatize, as I like to think of it

This makes things more real…

I took the end once again

The end as a beginning

Not a mourning ritual

But one to build

A road that twists and turns

Only to end further

There is water somewhere in the middle

A bath,

Two meters long and barely 30 centimeters high

For the moments when we can be inflamed and learn to take care of ourselves again

To be a mother

Our own mother

In a world that wavers where I am too soft and feel rigor mortis more than once

In myself, the other

Sometimes for a moment, then again permanently

We wash each other and talk to the past

Beyond the meaning of washing we are not clean or pure

But it is unmistakably part of the intangible

At the fall of the encyclopedia the question is for whom

But my answer:

Take a bath together

I learned that I don’t have to try to be one of the men if I don’t want to

I never wanted to

So I stayed by myself and played in fantasy.

F A G G O T S is a solo theater performance by Tibau in which they take you into a nature documentary about another planet. After the hopeless male conquerors have finally found a new habitable planet, they’ve screwed it up there too. What if for once only the faggots survived? What would it be like? How are they adapted to living there? And how do they experience their days? The result is a strange search for less masculinity, more warm loving queer futures, sensuality and softness, that wants to offer solace.


Concept: Tibau Beirnaert en Laurens Aneca
Spel: Tibau Beirnaert
Geluid: Seppe Vande Veire
Verteller: Bavo Buys
Kostuum: Marie Baudoncq, Brende Eschauzier
Pruiken: Tibau Beirnaert
Scenografie: Rob Hendrickx
Affiche: Sam De Mol en Tibau Beirnaert
Mentoren: Frederik Le Roy en Kopano Maroga
Met dank aan: Freek De Craecker, Ans Van Gasse, Bauke Lievens, Bardia Mohammad, Valerie Desmet, De figuranten, Pole Arena…
Geïnspireerd door: The Faggots and Their Friends Between Revolutions van Larry Mitchell