Masterworks, afstudeerconcerten muziekproductie

di 13.06 / 18:00 – 22:30

● concerten

Locatie: Minard, Walpoortstraat 15, Gent

Tickets: Gratis

De masterstudenten muziekproductie stellen hun eindexamen open voor het grote publiek. Ze stellen ook de vinyl Masterworks Vol.6 voor.

18:00 Yello Staelens

19:30 Billie Leyers
Billie Leyers writes, sings and produces under her own name. Her music is distinctly part of the pop family, but it is marked by a contemporary electronic touch that continues to evolve. Dark chords, captivating bass sounds and wall-to-wall voices define her sound.
Simon Nuytten, a member of top acts Bazart and Felix Pallas, also has a bunch of solo songs to show. Just listen to ‘Venice’, or ‘Heart, My Beat’. His falsetto is sure to grab you, and his songs will recall the melancholy of The Beach Boys and the blissful naivety of The Kooks.

21:00 Tom Soetaert
In need of silent places, outside of everyday life.
Translating them in neoclassical pianoscapes that flirt with strings, vocals and electronic harmonies.
Written and produced by Tom Soetaert
Live band: Tom Soetaert, Nicolas Delépine, Arne De Tremerie, Wanthanee Wadngam