Afstudeerconcerten pop (basgitaar & gitaar)

wo 14.06 / 19:00 – 23:00

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Locatie: Minard, Walpoortstraat 15, Gent

Tickets: Gratis

De masterstudenten jazz/pop stellen hun eindexamen open voor het grote publiek.

19:00 Jef Peeters
Enjoy a dose of pleasant music in which the bass takes centre-stage. From delightful solo pieces and intimate moments to bass grooves in combination with a well-oiled band.

20:30 Gerben Brys
Completing your training by playing your favourite music with a band of eleven great people. That is pretty much everything I could have wished for.
We mainly perform music by American artists; music in which soul, hip hop and jazz meet, by artists who are all great sources of inspiration to me and who have made me who I am as a musician and as a person.
These names include: Me’shell Ndegéocello, D’Angelo, Prince, Justin Timberlake, Erykah Badu and Anderson Paak.

22:00 Dieter De Bruyn
Cast Away is a motion picture from 2000 about a man who miraculously survives a plane crash and is cast upon the shores of an island in the middle of the Pacific. With no way to contact the outside world, he sets out on a dangerous survival adventure.
With a band of musicians, I will provide a live soundtrack to a part of this film. Music will include original compositions and tracks off English rock band Muse’s album Hullabaloo. Feel free to drop by and get blown away by image and sound.