Afstudeerconcerten jazz (accordeon, piano & gitaar)

do 15.06 / 19:00 – 23:00

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Locatie: Minard, Walpoortstraat 15, Gent

Tickets: Gratis

19:00 Jonas De Rave

20:30 Jonas Desmet

20:30 Siemen De Man

22:00 Heleen Andriessen
This trio is the master’s project of Heleen Andriessen, a jazz pianist from the Ghent area. Kobe Boon (bass) and Stijn Demuynck (drums) assist her to bring her compositions to life. Together, they invite the listener into a world of naïve melodies and exciting improvisations. These jazz musicians use their instruments to paint the colour of the light on the first day of autumn, but also to invoke the oppressive atmosphere of Lize Spit’s novel Het Smelt.