The House We Have Built

za 15.06 / 15:30 – 16:30

● dramafestival

Locatie: Vooruit Domzaal, Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 23, Gent

Tickets: € 5 (standaard)/ €3 (studenten, werklozen, 65+ en docenten, medewerkers en alumni School of Arts) / gratis (studenten, docenten en alumni KASK DRAMA, werkveld). Reserveren via Enkel ter plaatse te betalen.

Masterproject of Simone Basani

The House We Have Built is about archeology of violence. The performance takes a trans-historical perspective on those sounds and images of violence that shape the perception we have of our cities, their private, public, affective architectures.

A series of thoughts, written down by an Italian soldier after his return from the war in Libya, has inspired Simone Basani to face his own relationship to troubled memories. From here he starts looking into how figures of violence are collectively recalled and transmitted.

Simone Basani is an artist, writer, and performer. In the latest years he has been creating, through his collaborative practice, collective performances, especially focused on remembrance processes and representation of mourning. With “The House We Have Built” he directs himself for the first time.

Concept, created and performed by: Simone Basani | Text: Simone Basani with quotes of Joyce Carol Oates, Donato Magro en Donato Dani |  Costumes: Sebastian Van Canneyt | Sound in collaboration with Roger Fähndrich | Coaching: Frederik Le Roy en David Weber-Krebs | Special thanks to: Alice Ciresola, Valentina Tiziani, Grégory Abels, Fabrice Delecluse, Bram Jespers, Loredana Manfro, Jan Steen, Frank Cools, Bart Wouters, David Helbich, Heike Langsdorf, Laura Andriessen and Master students KASK Drama.