Ana Teresa Cano, My passions

master uitvoerende muziek - klassieke muziek

The best way to finish my studies in Ghent is to make a tribute to the countries that have made me grow as a musician and as a person: Spain and Belgium.
For this I have chosen these two sonatas in my programme:
– Sonata nello stile antico spagnuolo written in 1925 by the Spanish composer and cellist Gaspar Cassadó (Barcelona,1897 – Madrid, 1966)
– Sonata in A major for cello and piano (1886) composed by the Belgian César Franck (Liège, 1822 – París, 1890)
As an introduction to my recital I will play a small piece related to the Slavic music, theme of the school this year.


Pianist: Tae Yoshioka

Mentoren / Mentors
Judith Ermert