Zoé Couppé, Have you ever eaten something which could have killed you? (First chapter)

master beeldende kunsten
vrije kunsten
Mentoren / Mentors:
Hans Bryssinck

First of all, let me introduce myself
I am a phone
I am a talking object
I am a booster
I am the one that centralize the story and the characters
I am a network of stories
available from morning to evening
I ring but it gives me migraines

press 1 to start
press two and I turn myself into the observer
press * to see what will happen

Have you ever eaten something which could have killed you? is the first chapter of a performance by Zoé Couppé.
Currently being developed as a film, the work’s presentation as part of the graduation show at Kask, speaks to the possibilities within storytelling.
This film consists of a performance with enlarged objects that arose within the context of Zoé’s discoveries of symbolic and metaphors in the signs and coincidences of everyday encounters and experiences, such as administrative jobs, journey, mushroom hunt…
The objects, aims to become characters to interact with. The telephone is one of the main protagonists, a personification of Couppé as an artist and a zoom secretary, as a mediator. She poetically refers to the rational and irrational elements of this job, creating a new personal narrative.

Zoé Couppé was part of the show Dear art world, … (2021), at Lichtekooi galery in Antwerp.