Yuliia Hladka, The mind of yours

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Mentoren / Mentors:
Pieter Blomme

Is it at ease, that mind of yours?

An instagram-based project “The mind of yours” is a digital space to talk about self-exploration, self-acceptance & mindfulness. You will follow a mental health journey of the author, Yuliia Hladka, as she finds coherences and patterns in her behaviour and tries to make sense of them.

“The mind of yours” is a collection of stories that are based on the author’s personal and social encounters, emotional experiences and struggles. These were drawn from over 25 digital diaries that the author kept throughout the past 7 years of her life, as well as current notes and events, psychological sessions’ conclusions and other practices.

Welcome to this instagram-based space to talk about self-acceptance.

I’m Yuliia, and I have a lot going on on my mind.

This project is a live archive of my self-exploration and coming to peace with myself.

Please head over right here to explore the content.

Self-acceptance is a long journey.

The story of one’s self-acceptance path is non-linear, chaotic and ever-changing, but it’s also beautiful, inspiring, real.

The mind of yours is aiming to be that, real. Alive.

Accepting yourself isn’t easy, or fast. What it is, is a process.