Yasmin Keshavarzi, Gemengd Gehakt

postgraduaat digital storytelling
Mentoren / Mentors:
Pieter Blomme
Aaron Beyers

Geen preparé fanpagina, maar wel een plaats waar we het over fusion keuken en biculturaliteit gaan hebben. Gemengde discussies dus 😏

Not a preparé fan page, but a place where we will talk about fusion cuisine and biculturalism. So mixed discussions 😏

Gemengd Gehakt

‘Gemengd gehakt’ means minced meat in Dutch. Usually Belgians mix the meat of two different animals to produce it. A very plastic way to envision people who are bicultural. Or in other words are born from parents, of which both come from different cultures. The title will grow on you! 😉

Yasmin chose the specific topic of biculturalism, because she was brought up in a Belgian-Iranian family. Throughout her life she came across situations that made her insecure about her identity. Which team did she belong to? Why did people always question where she was from, even though Yasmin was brought up in Belgium and lived there all her life?

Gemengd Gehakt is an IG-serie about people who come from different bicultural backgrounds. They talk about their perception of being bicultural and how they have experienced this. A very important note is that Gemengd Gehakt wants to place all these experiences in a positive way. This to inspire people who might be going through an identity crisis or just have a wrong way of looking at the fact of being bicultural. The serie does not go into racist or negative details, even though these events are sometimes a daily fact in the Belgian society.

Because it’s a very personal and often painful topic, the choice was made to let the subjects speak in their mother tongue. So for now it’s Dutch only!

A modern Persian carpet. This background visual is based on a Spotify ad. It demonstrates how these old-fashioned cultural objects can be modernised. Also as an Iranian, we must ad Persian carpets where we can.

The first Gemengd Gehakt story to come online: Jeffrey. A belgian ghanese friend of Yasmin

Don’t forget about the food!

Food is important in every culture. We celebrate all big events with a lot of delicious foods and drinks. That is why Yasmin is also interested in experimenting how national dishes of the different cultures can be intertwined into a new one. Be sure to check out all the new recipes!

The idea is to continue this serie with new speakers. Why?

  • To keep on inspiring bicultural people to be proud of themselves
  • To show bicultural people that they are not alone
  • To educate people who are not bicultural that there is a halfie lifestyle
  • To emphasise that being bicultural is not something weird but beautiful
  • To try to make this world a better and happier place for all