Violette Potet, A Waiting Game

master beeldende kunsten
autonome vormgeving
Mentoren / Mentors:
Amandine David
Judith Wambacq

The waiting is the break in a city or a life that moves at full speed, it is a moment in which everything can occur and yet where nothing often happens. It is a time to stop that can make us go from hope to doubt, that can offer us a pleasant breath or plunge us into a infernal state of anxiety. The excitement of the long awaited event is coupled with the fear that everything will not go as planned. We oscillate between all these states until the release comes and ends the waiting. Waiting is an unstable, evolving activity, which even if very often perfectly routinary can also be disrupted at any moment.

The bus shelter is a place where a daily form of waiting is visible, where we can best observe the spectacle of public and collective waiting. People pass time by looking at their phone, listening to music, observing the bus shelter on the other side of the road, stretching their neck to see if the bus is finally approaching. It is an object that is interesting in its ordinary frequentation and in its apparently perfectly boring aspect. The habit erased its particularities and made everything a bit bland.