Tosca Monteyne, Countersong Strike

master beeldende kunsten
vrije kunsten
Mentoren / Mentors:
Nel Aerts
Vincent Geyskens
Lars Kwakkenbos

Countersong Strike is a title tying together works that find themselves in a precarious double stance of conviction and doubt. Together, they try to sing a countersong, but without a conductor in charge, the countersong is hardly a song. Some are mumbling, some are yelling, some are whistling, some are crying. They want to assimilate, be part of the choir – they have even studied the chorus – but their contrarian little hearts refuse co-operation. They get confused about this refusal and what exactly it is aimed at: is it the image, is it communication, is it each other? They are at war, for sure, marching on in their own little blitzkrieg, but who is the enemy? Their zeal is disarming at best, misdirected at worst. Some gave all, all gave some.