Tom Van den Wijngaert, Your presence will be noticed

master beeldende kunsten - vrije kunsten

‘…We do not need or desire souvenirs of events that are repeatable. Rather we need and desire souvenirs of events that are reportable, events whose materiality has escaped us, events that thereby exist only through the invention of narrative.’
– Susan Stewart, On Longing.

In this project I wanted to play with public and private collections, the traces you carry around daily and the ones you keep at home. The souvenirs you put on display and the ones you keep hidden. The memories you shared and the ones you lost. The things you risk getting damaged and the ones you desperately try to protect. The signs we remember or forgot. Your Presence Will Be Noticed is a result of mixing up these ideas, presenting them to an audience who leave their own traces at the same time.


Mentoren / Mentors
Dheedene Stefaan
Zakai Adva
De Block Hugo