Thaleia Karpouzi, Backyard gatherings (mom is a funny woman)

master beeldende kunsten
vrije kunsten
Mentoren / Mentors:
Paul Casaer
Els Roelandt

“The dog died. What’s the weather there? Your cousin brought me a bag full of oranges today, I wonder what he wants back! There is nothing on TV. I want you to find me a recipe for pancakes. We went shopping and then for a coffee. What is e-banking? They tell me I should have it too. I cleaned the backyard and my legs hurt. Did you see my birthday cake? We were playing cards at the terrace until four in the morning! Your dad is in the hospital. The fence broke from the wind. The tulips you brought me are growing. When are you coming? It is so hot I don’t want to get into the house. After the memorial service I will serve coffee and cake at the yard. Can you check the lottery numbers for me?”