Suzanne Cleerdin, Progress written in the stars

master beeldende kunsten
vrije kunsten
Mentoren / Mentors:
Jelena Jureša
Stoffel Debuysere

Progress written in the stars is a durational audiovisual performance lasting 40 minutes. The piece reads like a film in which the image is just another part of the whole, besides text, sound, voice, and presence.

It consists of two actors, Suzanne Cleerdin and Shadi Alaiek, who are gradually unfolding the dream of progress. We start of with a Utopian vision of progress on Mars, and from here on we move down to earth, where it becomes clear that progress, in the shape of an airplane, is always proceeded by violence. The performance is based on a 2 years research that took place on two airplane related area’s. The first was in Steenokkerzeel, on the airplane spotters platform of Zaventem that is overlooked by two closed deportation centres. The second was on the largest airplane cemetery of Europe, in the middle of the desert in Aragon, Spain.