Sura Al-Ibraheemi, Victim

master beeldende kunsten
vrije kunsten
Mentoren / Mentors:
Rebecca Jane Arthur

VICTIM! A word some people will think of when they read my words or see my work! We are victims of our thoughts, before my uncle, my father, your uncle, and your father. I was a victim for 23 years in a room! Under the rule of my parents, the clan, the place, the religion, and the dog that guards the house! The uncle who raped my childhood. I don’t remember the beginning, but I remember screaming at him when I was 9 years old! My parents did not teach me how to protect myself, speak, or scream! I learned by myself! For years, I was trying to move his body, which remained in my mind long after it was on top of me. My little hands were not able to move it, but my actions did. I screamed with all my actions! My art changed my fate and elevated me from the position of a victim to that of a deity. I see myself as Ishtar, the goddess who can choose everything for herself!