Stijn Hellem, Global village

bachelor digital design and development

This project focusses on communication differences between the major cultural groups and how the slightest detail can lead to misunderstanding between the two parties. Exposure to other cultures does not always lead to more understanding. We tend to relapse on our own cultural values to try and understand communication patterns within foreign cultures.

The project gives us the ability to explore these major cultures through a multicultural interactive global village which is the depiction of today’s globalized world. Different small stories, supported by serious gaming, can be played out within the village where I present the player with split second choices he or she has to make to avoid misunderstanding. Gradually the player will start recognizing the varying communication patterns and styles which he or she can reuse in new stories which emerge in the global village. In that way players are much more prepared for real life intercultural situations. They are able to apply the right communication style for the corresponding culture without relying on its own cultural values.