Sofie Roelants, sleeping sun rise

master beeldende kunsten
vrije kunsten
Mentoren / Mentors:
Anouk De Clercq
Rebecca Jane Arthur
Els Roelandt

sleeping sun rise (BE, digital 2K, 32′)


As night transitions into morning and we slowly reawaken together with all that is around us, doubt and confusion get silenced by the light of the sun. Just before, during the silent hours of darkness, a loud world plays out within a human body while the previous day is processed and small changes gradually occur. How long does it take for all this to become noticeable?

What kind of tenderness does the environment offer a person, and how can a person relate to it’s surroundings in times of personal change?

sleeping sun rise is a film-poem hovering between the form of a lullaby and a meditation. It expresses a personal inner world and its numerous feelings. Taking place somewhere in between confusion and calmness, inside and outside, light and dark.



On view at KASKcinema on:

* Friday 28/06/2024 at 18h.

* Sunday 30/06/2024 at 14h.


Together with the films Oh, look! (Leon Decock), Le Jaune et Le Bleu (Manon Jejcic), Peau Neuve (Sarah Chapuis) and In the Palm of My Hand (Jules Mathôt & Cinemaximiliaan).