Shay Amitai, CIELA

master beeldende kunsten
Mentoren / Mentors:
Mekhitar Garabedian
Hans Theys

Dear Ciela,

These are my multiple interpretations of you
Laying eyes on your family and mine

My safta was sick
and you tended for her fragile body
Our family is soft and bends its shape
even while we are not remotely related

In those two countries
where you still remain a visitor
living in between the seas

How do people look at you?
Through your eyes, how do these places look?
When you are providing for your family from so far away,
I wonder, what does it mean to take care of a family?

All my love,


Dear Ciela,

At times a birds-eye view blurs my eyes
don’t you think?
how it folded out
was this kind of what you spoke of?
I portray and record
this connection we have
I could never fully understand
how intimate it is
what tends to blur
of private and professional
just words
confined to the same room

As you listened to her voice through the fever
with shuddering long arms
never leaving early

Have I relocated your story?
These images are perhaps
Saying thank you
and question what we see
in this system
carework has become

unlace what it seems
when some of it is a mess

while reading your
blue green orange twisted fingers

All my love,