Sarah-Kay Blewitt, Freefall

master beeldende kunsten
autonome vormgeving
Mentoren / Mentors:
Thomas Bellinck
Stijn Van Rossem
Wannes Gyselinck

How can words serve me? I wonder.
Especially for I have a growing desire to not use any.


How are you? You asked me
And then you continued. The last time I saw you, you said you wanted to be an animal. Do you still want to be an animal?
I smiled and nodded. I do, sometimes, still want to be an animal.


I would like to be a cat, for instance.
I want to lick my paws.
I want to lay on a high brick wall in between some flowers on one side and some humans walking by on the other side.
Humans in their garments, carrying their bags with all kinds of stuff.
Stuff like groceries or office paperwork. 


The next time I see you I want to slide my cheek over yours to greet you.


As a human, all I do is look.
I have forgotten how to use my body,
I have forgotten how to use my words.