Sarah De Mulder, MODERN MYTHOLOGY by DEIMACHE - An Online Spatial Music Album

postgraduaat digital storytelling
Mentoren / Mentors:
Pieter Blomme
Lukas Dewulf

The music album Modern Mythology by Deimache is a mythical and online explorable world filled with songs that wonder about Life. These eight tales about atoms, humans, Big Bangs, Gods, Life and Life after are told in electronic, synth funk, cosmic music compositions and the landscape around them.

Visitors arrive in the prologue-world that explains the idea and gives an overview of the album. From there they travel chronologically from world to world to experience all songs in an immersive environment. Each has its own specific interactions and looks to amplify and translate what is told in the music. Talking about Life, the album starts with Godspeed at the question of how everything came to be. In the following worlds, visitors travel through a story of (a) man(kind) who tries to find his place within existence.
Modern Mythology wants to let you wander in a transcendent state of mind and invites to enjoy a little bit of existentialism by dancing to it.

Made in Mozilla Hubs, Modern Mythology is easily accessible for phone/desktop/VR and free to visit. Visitors can meet in the world to explore together or alone.