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What’s a wasteman?

In this podcast, we explore ‘wastemanism’ and what it means to different people through honest conversation. Gender norms, toxic masculinity and patriarchal structures are a thread throughout the episodes. You can expect honest stories, personal anecdotes, entertainment but also food for reflective thought. At the end of the day, there’s a wasteman in all of us.

My additional Youtube series called ‘What’s Luv?’ about the universal but multilayered and cultural aspects of our love languages made the podcast more visually entertaining/educational.

The inspiration for EP 4 > ANGIE (2/2) - All rights reserved @vulgadrawings.

“This is how much I love: I want to best for the other but I don’t consider myself” – Rami, What’s Luv?

From the Youtube series 'What's Luv?': 1. Rami