Rojin Delfan, "There is no stop on life: A Celebration of Movement and Culture"

postgraduaat digital storytelling
Mentoren / Mentors:

“Step into “There Is No Stop on Life,” an interactive celebration of movement and culture. Inspired by the artist’s connection to dance within her family, and her country’s culture.
this multimedia installation invites you to explore ways in which dance intertwines with the rhythms of daily existence.

Delve into the vibrant world of Iranian dance culture, where resilience and significance are woven into the fabric of life. Engage with visuals, videos, and a recorded story illuminating the universal language of movement.

Experience the power of dance as an act of self-expression and celebration. Through interactive elements, become a part of the exhibition, connecting your own journey to the transformative spirit of the movement.

One of the exhibition’s highlights is virtual reality (VR), where visitors can step into the streets of Iran and witness Iranian dancers gracefully performing, showcasing dance’s beauty and cultural significance within the nation.

“There Is No Stop on Life” is a journey celebrating the vibrant tapestry of movement and culture. Join us in this immersive experience and embrace dance’s boundless energy and beauty in our lives.”



dancers participating in the VR part:
Saba Khatami, Mehrana Firuzi, Parinaz Safavieh, Mehrnaz Molavi, Ava Darvishi and, Tara Kargar Dianati.