Robbe Vandenven, études

master drama
Mentoren / Mentors:
Paola Bartoletti
Frederik Le Roy

Sitting time
Smoking time
Seagull time


What time?

Time balances
Time rules

A bench
A field
A grave

Time-like ocean
Sand-like time

Time to dance
Time to laugh


And time


poster by Nathaniël Ortiz

photo by Sam De Buysere
photos by Sam De Buysere

Meyerhold around 1902

V. E. Meyerhold to K.S. Stanislavsky (January 26, 1902)

Dear Sir Konstantin Sergeevich!
I have waited long enough. Three weeks have passed since I asked you for an appointment. You wrote to me saying that you didn’t have a single free moment, yet you have found it possible to give an appointment to pupils from the school, a fact of which I am aware.
I am in no position to wait any longer. I expect an appointment in the course of the next three days (28, 29 or 30 January). I will not wait any longer. The absence of a reply from you will give me the right first to resort to correspondence and then to consider myself free to take other measures.
Vs. Meyerhold

K. S. Stanislavsky to V. E. Meyerhold (after January 26, 1902)

I must request you in the future to spare me letters written in the tone of your last communication and also your monitoring of the people whom I choose to receive at home. I further request you in future to spare me the threatening tone which frightens me very little, as my conscience, as far as you are concerned, is completely clear. I will not answer letters of such a kind. Perhaps you might find it more sensible, before resorting to threats, to acquaint me with the matter which seems to have provoked such extreme measures on your part. As for an appointment on the 28th or 29th, which you demand in such a high-handed tone, please understand that I must refuse so as not to appear a coward and also to allow you liberty to act. If you really do need an appointment then you would be well advised to write a more suitable letter and to take cognizance of the fact that at the moment my time is not my own but is at the service of an enterprise of which you are a member and the circumstances of which you cannot be ignorant.

Stanislavsky around 1902