Pinocchio's Facelift : naked Ape
Pinocchio's Facelift: title of a scene
Pinocchio's Facelift: the heart is full when relaxed

Rik Smitz, Pinocchio's Facelift

postgraduaat digital storytelling

I want to be a present-day Gepetto who brings dead objects to life; not through a wooden puppet this time but in an Italian icon yet: a Piaggio Ape car.

The technique used for the transformation is videomapping. The story is about a little car called Pinocchio and his struggle between good and bad intentions.

Last year I started my training and presentation business Prezenta, which helps people to make their trainings and presentations into real story-driven experiences. I strongly believe that good storytelling makes your message impossible to ignore.

The ultimate goal is to integrate the videomapping storytelling technique into the concept of pop-up presentations, making the experience even more memorable.

(video mapping project)




Nele Fack: technical back-up