Rhune Bervoet, A search for what's not lost (working title)

master beeldende kunsten
Mentoren / Mentors:
Nick Hannes
Bart Koubaa


“In the presence of extraordinary reality, consciousness takes the place of imagination.”

Paul Auster


In this photographic work I translated my mental reality to a physical one, using my surroundings as actors in my personal theatre. In the midsts of the process of healing we find ourselves sometimes in the most remote regions where we try relentlessly to find a feeling of meaning and belonging; nevertheless, during this process, we often lose a part of ourselves and what is around us.

This work explores the boundaries between familiarity and alienation. It is a personal archive that can be read universally, in which my day to day life gets an exalted character. The trivial moments I photograph may initially appear comforting but might as well be unsettling upon closer inspection.