untitled-6310, 2017
untitled-90350-4, 2017
untitled-67256, 2016
untitled-1972, 2017
untitled-1969, 2017
untitled-1971, 2017
untitled-1235, 2017
untitled-44222, 2016

Rawiruj Suradin, threshold

master beeldende kunsten - vrije kunsten

The co-related entities of border and presence define themselves by each other; borders mark the presence, and this presence marks borders.

A new mark is more than those previous ones, as a new one changes all marks that are already there. This means that the present as well as the past is always in the state of becoming. Painting, as all existential beings, has its own essence in its becoming. Border visualizes the presence of my painting, and its becoming occurs from the differentiation of time imposed on/off the surface: time of production, reproduction, presentation, and, the most crucial aspect, the painting as time itself.


Mentoren / Mentors
Tordoir Narcisse
Bakkers Godart