Rainy Siagian, If I find one, I'll named it Anton

master beeldende kunsten - fotografie


-Why did you come here?
– I want to get to know him,
– You know he died, right?
I mean, is he still alive in your mind? Because he’s no longer here.
– I know…
But I wish I knew him, or at least something about him.
– Fair enough.
What do you think of the island?


– What else have you been doing around here, while waiting for answers
– Chasing waterfalls.


‘Thank you for the beautiful journey and everything else.’

With this project I’ve discovered the blank years of my father’s absence. Along the way I found a small group of people who relayed their stories about the Anton’ they knew, from his love of cinematography
and the island where he used to live, his fondness of freedom
and the choices he made in his life. This series is not about him,
but the idea of him. 


Mentoren / Mentors
Snauwaert Marie
Luyten Anna