Curatorial Studies, Graduation 2020

postgraduaat curatorial studies

The Curatorial Studies postgraduate students have realised group projects and individual projects. You can find the individual projects on the Graduation website. From the group projects the most important ones are:


Taking the recently restored Ghent Altarpiece as a starting point, From Scratch to Scratch brings together fourteen contemporary artists that question the social, cultural and artistic order as defined by the Western concept of the masterpiece.

“Scratching” implies the removal of something, and in doing so revealing something or leaving behind traces. From Scratch to Scratch unravels new layers of meaning and intertwines counternarratives to the writing of art history. The selected artworks form three groups, three circles that have been activated online:

  • 28/05/2020 – Re-Setting the Space
    Lito Kattou, Gaëlle Leenhardt & Damien Le Dévédec, Robin Lopvet & Sam Racheboeuf, and Elena Subach


  • 04/06/2020 – Hiding and Revealing
    Milena Desse, Zuzanna Dolega, Paul Jacques Yves Guilbert and Nikolay Karabinovych


  • 11/06/2020 – Taking Action
    Jonathas de Andrade, Katya Ev, Esmeralda Kosmatopoulos and Zinaïda Tchelidze

Curated by: Camille Bladt, Patricia Couvet, Sofia Lemos Marques, Koi Persyn, Zuzanna Rachowska, Yanis Stefanou, Ella Strowel and Vincent Van Laeken


* The exhibition was originally planned to take place at the Zwarte Zaal and Kunsthal Gent with a parallel screening and public program in May and June 2020. Due to the current Covid-19 crisis, the curatorial team decided to rethink the project while working closely with the invited artists to shift artworks or produce new ones for an online exhibition format.



The Garden Is Older Than The Field cordially invites you to explore the terrains of Bulskampveld and Wildenburg in Beernem and Wingene, where six curators and thirteen artists are residing in the gardens and the fields. This painterly landscape becomes the setting for several artistic practices which will wander along the parcours. The two sites are located in the grey land between the garden and the field, resulting in a combination of aesthetic cultivation on the one hand and artistic productivity on the other hand. Rather than displaying art-works in this naturalistic environment, we aim to complete the exhibition with your presence as a strolling nomad. The Garden Is Older Than The Field proposes alternative (hi)stories for both domains, playing with the characteristics of the public park of Bulskampveld and the private estate of Wildenburg. The artistic discourses quest for new narratives, which are  lingering in the bushes of this locus amoenus. Summer solstice will herald this creative occupation of the expecting lands, where art challenges science and where storytelling surpasses reality.


The Garden Is Older Than The Field is a project by the students of Curatorial Studies on the invitation of the KASK Landscape Architecture and Innocastle research project (Bert de Roo, Steven Heyde, Sylvie Van Damme, Hans Druart, Katrien Vuylsteke Vanfleteren, David Depestel).

This project is a collaboration between the research unit Landscape Architecture (‘PWO behoud door ontwikkeling’ and ‘Interreg Europe Innocastle’) and the postgraduate Curatorial Studies, in which the research projects were asked to reflect on as well as intervene in the meaning and potential of two castle domains in the Landscape Park Bulskampveld.

The project was also supported as a short-term project by the Research Fund of the School of Arts.

Participating artists: Jente De Graef, Jonas Dehnen, Stan D’haene, Günbike Erdemir, Mark Grootes, Eline Harmse, Jules Labath, Alexander Marinus, Hilde Onis, Martijn Petrus, Claire Stragier, Kris Vanhemelrijck and Bert Villa.

Participating curators: Timon Bloemen, Jef Declercq, Sofia Lemos Marques, Leroy Meyer, Koi Persyn and Zuzanna Rachowska.



  • Camille Bladt
  • Timon Bloemen
  • Patricia Couvet
  • Jef Declercq
  • Sofie Dierickx
  • Christopher Dupuis
  • Juan Duque Restrepo
  • Sofia Lemos Marques
  • Leroy Meyer
  • Koi Persyn
  • Zuzanna Rachowska
  • Ioannis Stefanou
  • Ella Strowel
  • Vincent Van Laeken
  • Margo Veeckman