Now it's Snowing, 2017, Digital Print, Air-Dry Clay, Dust, Varnish, Glue, String, Pins, 120 x 87cm
Haubi, Oil and Oil Stick on Aluminium, 150 x 210cm

Phillip Frankland, The Half of Halves

master beeldende kunsten - vrije kunsten

Music manifests itself through framing, montage, rhythm, layering, sampling and collage. In short, it is all about timing and stimulation. Quiet parts and louder, more complex parts can be played at the same time, overlapped. Simple, repeated actions with varied consequences.

When I walk around the city, there is something about garage doors which always draws my eye. They are regular in their physical nature, a common size, a recognizable and purposeful object. Their surfaces, however, are a litter of unique marks; stickers, scribbles, dirt, fingerprints, rust and scratches. With each object, an individuality is derived from both accident and consequence of being. These doors are sampling boards, polymers between practical starkness and registerable aesthetic validity.


Mentoren / Mentors
Geyskens Vincent
De Smet Peter