De Open Design Course is een co-creatie-platform voor nieuwkomers waar leren, onderzoeken en samenwerken centraal staan met focus op digitale geletterdheid. In 12 weken leren ze over digitale expressie en open design vanuit tal van perspectieven.

The Open Design Course is a co-creation platform for newcomers where learning, research and collaboration are central with a focus on digital literacy. In 12 weeks they learn about digital expression and open design from a variety of perspectives.



SurvivalShoaib Zaheer

A series of short animations picturing the trajectory of a being (he/she or ting) from birth, to adulthood and knowledge in the environment it calls home.

After being displaced all this knowledge and experience gets annihilated and the subject loses its sense of personality and self.


Automatic Aquaponic Home garden – Luc Gerard Onana

In this project vegetables and spices brought from the market are kept under permanent moisture by recirculating water from the fish tank back to the plants by using arduino to automate the process.


Graduated from the Open Design Course:


  • Omar Andriel
  • Amalia Rodriguez
  • Luc Gerard Onana
  • Tony Degli Akakpo
  • Mahammed Alimu
  • Feruz Teame
  • Abramaham Yohannes
  • Amir Kardes Al Tememi
  • Abdul Karim Mourtada
  • Rae Sita Pratiwi
  • Eman Radwan
  • Dawit Ketema Felichie
  • Shoaib Zaheer
  • Hakim Adil