Noah Geistlich, Spending the Time

master beeldende kunsten
autonome vormgeving
Mentoren / Mentors:
Heike Langsdorf Sébastien Hendrickx


“Spending the time” is a workshop that developed around my desire to be part of a collective artistic practice. Building on my experience from contemporary dance, improvisation, and attentive drawing I tried to form a space in which I could welcome people and which at the same time was open to receive and integrate the participants needs.


I invite you to engage in a negotiation of space. Through a practice of spontaneous and collective drawing we will work on the question on how to share a space. By executing and witnessing different exercises we build an understanding of what it means to work as group. Our field of exploration will be pieces of paper. Our tools are crayons, felt tip pens, color pencil and pencil that will allow us to discover different properties and possibilities in terms of volume, rhythm, and musicality. Everybody engaging is free to negotiate in practice, including to disengage.

Workshop times:

Thursday, 18.30-19.30h

Friday, 13-14h & 17-18h

Sunday, 13-14h & 16-17h