Nikola Bencova, becoming a forest themselves

master beeldende kunsten - autonome vormgeving

My research-based practice aims to uncover what possibilities lie beyond language, when what an abstract understanding facilitated by text is overall, is a touch. A sensation. A text to be read silently so that the words themselves sound within a reader’s mind. It, which directly consists of bodies of the people. Text being the only evidence for the existence of time. A process of reading in the matter.


I would like to thank Marcela Schneiberkova and Adriana La Selva for helping me carry my insides out. And Lore Tyrions, Robin Ricky, Arne Luiting, Nehir Akin, Julien De Smet and Philsan O. Osman for embodying my texts during the opening of the expo.

Mentoren / Mentors
Zakai Adva
Kwakkenbos Lars
Metten Philip