Nathan Ja, Aide-toi toi-même au lieu du système

master beeldende kunsten - vrije kunsten

My work revolves around systems, and my attention is grabbed specifically by notions such as continuity, routine and habit. Those concepts can be seen as building blocks of our existence. They occur so frequently, yet remain so unnoticed.

In my work, I try to explore these repetitive tasks and use them as starting points. To create awareness, but also to clarify my personal view on them. Why does repetition reoccur over and over again? And how is it possible that we – with an unlimited array of handling options – always prefer the routine, the same, with only the slightest variation?

In my latest work, I focus on current post-industrialism and critically examine ‘labour’, specifically the ideal image of the robotic employee. I do not try to formulate big ideals, let alone strive towards the greater good or the sublime. Rather, I try to focus on experience and play with the given fact of the common, the average.


Mentoren / Mentors
D'o Honoré
Campens Angelique