Naomi Greenstein, We're all in this together

master beeldende kunsten
grafisch ontwerp
Mentoren / Mentors:
Sara De Bondt
Ine Meganck
Martine Clierieck

Alumni Club is a place for alumni (or alumni to be) to get together and stay posted on each other’s whereabouts or ask questions. Join us & stay posted!

Alumni Club is the place for alumni and alumni of the future. Get together and stay posted on each others whereabouts and developments after life at KASK. Before Alumni Club there wasn’t a place to fall back on after graduating but we noticed that a lot of alumni have the same questions and thoughts about graphic life and often don’t know where to start. This leads to the same research being done over and over again. Instead of laying the ground work over and over again, we can use this time to build! We can do more, do better and learn more when we have a network to rely on.

Alumni Club had been founded as part of Naomi Greenstein’s master project. She noticed a strong need for community, and with that started the project in search to find a way to create more, together. This thought was followed with meetings and talks about people’s own experience and it was striking how many alumni feel lost after graduation, and how much it helped to share these experiences with each other. It clarified the need for a social platform to fall back on, and the need to create space to have these conversations.

MAP #112 Happy place together with Flore Levrouw

Pictures by Kelly Van Looveren
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