Nanami Maeda, neighbourhood# The Hidden Garden

master beeldende kunsten
vrije kunsten
Mentoren / Mentors:
Feiko Beckers


The artist Nanami Maeda is an observer of the hidden things in our everyday life. She searches for traces of what she calls the latent extraordinary – accidental and overlooked beauty, signs of magic in the mundane. Those can be found through encounters with strange objects, urban absurdities or awkward situations.

In her series of work “neighbourhood”, rooted in a daily observation of the area where she lives, she circumscribes a territory. Visual elements and fragments of conversations are extracted from lived situations to create a set of actions that becomes a poetic game, sparkling stories of « what could be » in the neighbourhood. The familiar turns unsettling. Through her eyes, the scale of the city is redefined. Mysterious objects are displaced into a new urban cosmogony. A traffic circle becomes an island. A pile of concrete fragments becomes a majestic mountain. The latent extraordinary is in your eyes.

text by Lucie Ménard


【Time table of the performance】
18/9(Fri) 13:00~13:20, 18:00~18:20
19/9(Sat) 13:00~13:20, 15:00~15:20, 17:00~17:20
20/9(Sun) 13:00~13:20, 15:00~15:20, 17:00~17:20
21/9(Mon) 13:00~13:20, 16:00~16:20
22/9(Tue) 13:00~13:20, 16:00~16:20
✳️1. Please make a reservation to see the performance at the graduation show of KASK from this link.
✳️2. Also, you need to make a reservation for the whole exhibition to enter the building from this link.
✳️3. You’ll be following one route for this graduation show, and the place for the performance is at the beginning of it, so it’s better to make two reservations like the below.
ex.) reserve the performance from 13:00 and reserve the time slot for the whole show from 12:30, 12:40, or 12:50.
✳️4. If you have any questions, please contact to this email address

all photos by Jordi Coppers