Myrthe Van Rompaey, Typography isn't important

master beeldende kunsten
grafisch ontwerp
Mentoren / Mentors:
Thomas Desmet
Anna Luyten

In the search of finding balance between feelings of indignation and rage towards life and the role and position of graphic design can take within this context, I discovered a path that led me to a play field and a flower field.

In the play field I discovered a love for hand lettering and playing around with type. By starting from fascinations on different kind of typefaces and/or materials a posters arose that all start with the sentence ’typography isn’t important’. Writing this statement in bumbling handwritten type indicates my love for typography on the one hand, but also the absurdity of aesthetics and typographical rules on the other, since these are not important at all when you look at life through a bigger scope.

Arriving at the flower field I went digging and searching for flowers that were hidden behind the patriarchal blades of grass. With the aim of better understanding my own practice and its history, I went looking for female graphic designers, typographers, printers, … that are not included in conventional graphic design history, in order to be able to take a position on the path I am about to walk.


In between my walk from the play field to the flower field the landscape got covered in fog and the world seemed to stand still for a while. In this moment I found myself enrobed in solitude for the first time. Whilst looking outside of the window of my teenage room, I searched for companionship and allies in the view that I had seen many many times before, but never looked at with this fascination. ‘Solitude’ is a videomontage in where I try to capture simple movements or certain elements that became to feel like friends the more and longer I looked at them and try to capture them. The clumsy shots and pixelated images represent an honest and digital translation of a solitary existence.

Fragment from 'Solitude' (film)