Mira de Boose, من بهارم تو زمین / I am spring you are earth

master audiovisuele kunsten - film

A girl in red walks through Tehran. Spring has come. The world learns how to speak. Words live in stones, in dried fruit, at the bottom of a salt lake, in the graves of poets.

I am spring you are earth arises from my fascination with the Persian language and poetry. I approach Iran by learning the names of her colours and following the eyes of the children. It is a film about the poetry of everyday life, about friendship and the freedom of language.


Director: Mira de Boose

With: Nazgol Moradi, Khashayar Sharifaee, Ali Saraee

Camera and sound: Mira de Boose, Manon De Sutter

Music: Wim De Winter

Mixage: Raf Enckels

Translations: Niloufar Nematollahi, Nazgol Moradi

Mentoren / Mentors
Opstaele Johan
van. Dienderen An
Ghammam Fairuz