Melinda Bodo, until_the_day_we_meet

postgraduaat digital storytelling
Mentoren / Mentors:
Rami Moukarzel
Pieter Blomme

Imagine that the year 2020 just started. Then a pandemic begins, and everyone lives locked up. The world stops. And you just met someone online from the other side of the world. There is no chance of meeting each other any time soon. What do you do?
She writes poetry out of articles He sends her until the day they meet.

“Until_the_day_we_meet” is a series of illustrated poems that stem from articles sent from Lebanon to Belgium and mark the passing of time.

As the title reveals, the project happens in the ‘meantime’ and aims to soothe frustration caused by waiting for an undetermined period.
Symbolising the devotion and hope of a future encounter, I present the posts in triptych form: video, article and poem, photo. These posts are related to each other. The photo refers to the article, while the poem is represented in a video. The transformation happens in the middle.
Each triptych represents a meeting between reality and imagination, Lebanon and Belgium, she and he limited in time and space.
To express the limitation, I use just a mobile phone and the vocabulary of the articles.