Portrait, 2016-2017
2 channel video installation, 15 min.
Sunset (two or three things I remember from Lisbon), 2016

Video installation, 5h loop.

Maxime Gourdon, Lighting Waterfalls

master beeldende kunsten - vrije kunsten

Lighting Waterfalls are backlighted animated paintings of waterfalls that seem to move, but remain still. They could be seen as a metaphor of the video installation projects I have developed for this master’s project. Including notes, diaries and fictional events, I am interested in the exploration of memory and how we distort it. I reactivate classical painting techniques such as anamorphosis, frame, lighting and composition. From stills and feelings we imagine and mesmerize events. A condensation of known elements, recollected in small pieces, distorted and producing a convincing reality that becomes fiction: a narration that comes with feelings and images as vague remembering.


Many thanks to Juliette Le Monnyer for her help.

Mentoren / Mentors
Rigole Jasper
De Preester Helena