master beeldende kunsten
Mentoren / Mentors:
Clara Vankerschaver
Peter Westenberg

Dispossessed and hurt by the structures of domination, Maureen Dodémont is looking for tools to reaffirm herself, ways to fight with joy, sweetness and force. The creation of an experimental residency at the same time participative filmmaking, at the crossroads of textile design, cinema and socio-cultural animation, was offered by the artist with the aim of making visible “the links” that can be woven at the same time between individuals, with oneself and in a creative process. The (re)discovery of oneself then passes by the meeting of the others, but also by the (re)discovery of the importance and the pleasure to make. The artist, Madame la Lune, proposes performances, animations, transmission of knowledge, interlaced with feminist matters. And this, so that each one can (re)find the power-from-within in a world where the standards are narrow, the individuals are isolated, the bonds miss force. This installation leaves traces of this, to be understood as a project that wants to be carried out over a lifespan.