Stef Pieters,

bachelor digital design and development

Throughout history, flax has been extremely important for Kuurne. At one point, Kuurne was the epicentre of Flax. Over the past decades, the flax industry has slowly been dying. This project aims to shine the light again on flax in Kuurne. In an old vicarage, a visitor can experience the past, present and future each through a different digital presentation method. A 3D 360-degree video allows the visitor to relive the flax-to-linen process. A designed slide show shows the state of the flax industry today, and future applications of flax are shown through out self-made hologram box.

To present these three stages I’ve opted to mix the old and the new. Old tools and linen products set the scene, whilst digital presentation methods blend in perfectly. It also refers to my own relationship with my girlfriend, a textile designer (old industry) and me as a digital designer (new industry).