Mathias De Wilde, De Gouden K's virtual

bachelor digital design and development

Due to COVID-19 the yearly edition of the Gouden K’s, the award show of Ketnet, can’t take place as usual in ’t Sportpaleis in Antwerp. This year there needed to be an alternative. They asked us to create a digital world where the presenters would present from.

My goal was to provide an environment that fits in the theme of this year’s show, it was called ‘Space The Final Frontier’.

Cinema 4D was the tool of choice for this project. I tried to find my own personal style within 3D design while learning lots of new features and workflows. The progression was a huge part of the process. My goal was to make a fitting environment for the show that could be used in the live show. I focused on an abstract look & feel that could easily be associated with Ketnet. A colourful visual where lots of elements, linked with the theme of the award, were represented.

The final product was a landscape of an extraterrestrial planet. In the middle of this landscape, you could find a stage where the presentation of the awards took place. The stage is submerged in the theme of the award that was being presented. I chose the award of “Song of the year”.