Marthe Huyse, Extending The Body

master beeldende kunsten
grafisch ontwerp
Mentoren / Mentors:
Julie Peeters
Sara De Bondt
Misha Verdonck

To wear the cloak of collective memory,
to carry the weight of histories that came before.

The act of extending the body focuses on becoming-bodies rather than seeing them through a knowing gaze—to make room for other ways of seeing, being, and doing.


          In the words of Paul B. Preciado
          Inspired by the autistic and infantile energy that sprouts
and resists the processes of discipline and control the body

          In the words of Sara Ahmed
          Our bodies become our tools; our rage becomes sickness

          In the words of Silvia Federici
          Neither essences, fixed, frozen, determined once for all,
nor groundless, infinitely shifting realities

          In the words of Donna Haraway
          I would rather be a cyborg than a goddess

          In the words of Susan Stewart
          Yet to make from a body a work of art involves
the creation of an extension

photo by Laura Smekens