Marieke Elzerman, Kom hier

master audiovisuele kunsten
Mentoren / Mentors:
Nathalie Teirlinck
Hannes Verhoustraete
Martine Huvenne


Sam is a shy young woman who works as a dog caretaker at the animal shelter in Ostend.
Her colleague Koen is a dog behavioural therapist and teaches people about the upbringing of dogs.
Sam prefers to stay with the animals and is fully committed to the daily chores at the shelter. But when Sam meets a nervous young woman who struggles with the upbringing of her dog, she decides to help her in her own way. Come here is a sensory portrait of a burgeoning friendship in sound, gesture and movement.



Loes Swaenepoel

Anna Franziska Jäger

Koen Van Daele



Written & directed by: Marieke Elzerman

Director of photography: Frank Schulte

Production: Marrit Greidanus

Sound recording: Calixte de Coster

Sound design: Zita Leemans

Music composition: Massimo Colombo

Camera assistant: Bas Schulte

Assistant director: Zaur Kourazov