Marianne Schapmans, Magic of Moments

postgraduaat digital storytelling
Mentoren / Mentors:
Arjan Scherpenisse
Pieter Blomme

So, we think we tell stories…

“Stories often tell us..  tell us who to love or to hate, how to see or be seen..  (Rebecca Solnit)

Story shapes our reality. How can we create a new narrative?  Which stories to tell for a future as a better place? What are the stories we want to see more of? Which stories do we want to say goodbye to?

We need safe and brave places to share stories.. maybe a digital storycatcher can help to revisit moments..  and encourage you to reflect.

Inspired by contemplative Pantoum writing, Weavy is born.

Time to meet Weavy, a friendly chatbot which will help to catch the magic in a moment, as a spark to some beautiful conversations.

Scan QR code and meet Weavy.

How would it be .. if we could re-visit moments?

Moments to explore in safe spaces that can become brave spaces that weave an alternative narrative into our world.

Weavy supports moments of reflection that help to construct new stories on a very personal level.

Personal experiences to enrich collective narratives.

Weavy is a friendly Chatbot, a support in a NIS – Narrative Inquiry Space

Storyweaving is a journey between moments and meaningmaking and back. It's an invitation to let collective wisdom emerge.

Weavy is a poetic element in the narrative weaving process to open up different insights. Weavy has a role as a catalyst not as end point in Participatory Narrative Inquiry processes.