Margo Mot, Too Far, Too Close

master audiovisuele kunsten - film

Too Far, Too Close is a frame story,  connecting the lives of a handful of city residents. A search for a lost cat sets the characters in motion, but their hunt between windows, doors, rooftops and walls is also a search for connection with their absent loved ones.

In a time where we find each other more often there where our images meet and where our written words touch, distance feels more relative than ever. Too Far, Too Close draws life paths like chalk lines in a small drawing, while in memory they live at half a world’s distance apart.


Camera: Ivo Nelis

Music: Niels Van Heertum

With: Julie Sokolowski, Hans Dagelet, Lieve Meeussen, Rafik Uyari





Mentoren / Mentors
Peter Monsaert